How do I obtain BG Club vouchers?
Have you reached 2,500 points?
Your loyalty points will be converted automatically into a CHF50.- BG Club voucher. It will be credited automatically to your personal BG Club account.
The BG Club vouchers are cumulative and valid for one year from their date of issue.
Where can i use my BG Club vouchers?
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You can use the BG Club vouchers to pay your purchases, completely or partially, made in the brand stores belonging to the Brunschwig Group throughout Switzerland: MaxMara Switzerland, Hofstetter Sports, Buzzano and Bongénie Grieder.
When you shop on or, you will be required to choose whether you want to redeem your BG Club voucher or not. It will appear automatically during the checkout process.
Be it in one of our Nail Bars or our BG Beauté beauty salon: let us take care of you and redeem your BG Club vouchers according to your liking during one of your appointments. A quick lunch for a couple or a group of friends? A short coffee break? Treat yourself at the BG Café or the Grieder Bar. You won’t have to dig deep into your pockets: you will be able to pay off your purchases completely or partially with your BG Club vouchers.
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If you aren’t a BG Club member yet, register now to start collecting points and enjoy a BG Club voucher!
How do i know my BG Club voucher balance?
Once a BG Club voucher is available to you in your personal area on the website, in the “My BG Club vouchers” category, you will automatically receive an email informing you of this.
The BG Club vouchers are available to anyone independent of their status.
Good to know:
  • When making a purchase with your BG Club voucher, you won’t collect points.
  • If you return a purchase made with a BG Club voucher, you will be reimbursed with a BG Club gift card.